When launching a website, it is important to plan ahead for a certain number of Eritrea Email List that will be essential to its proper functioning of the site from the point of view of the user but also of the administrator. Although building a site is not just about the elements discussed below, they are nonetheless bases on which you should not ignore.

The first thing to know is that a site must be accessible! Indeed, the content of the site must be pleasant to read and that whatever the device. While you have to think about optimizing content for search engines in order to be the best positioned, you should always keep in mind that the site will be aimed primarily at people. Since specific needs must be met, you must make it as easy as possible for users to consume, discover and distribute content.

Extensions To Do More

They allow you to simply place modules on the site in order to assign new functions to it. The advantage of extensions is that they can be installed with a single click without knowing about web development. The only small difficulty is understanding the different plugin settings, but in most cases the creators provide documentation. In order to test the mobile optimization of any site, Google provides us with a free and easy-to-use tool .

Eritrea Email List

If all the steps are validated, from a simple visitor , he will become a customer , user of your service, see an ambassador: prescriber of your brand with his peers (the best of the best! And there will be, I guarantee it) .

Call-to-action Always There

In order to capture a maximum of leads (prospects), it is strongly recommended to integrate a Call-To-action on each page of the site. What is a “Call to Action”? It is quite simply a button that allows you to access a page where you ask the visitor for an action (download an ebook, subscribe to the newsletter, etc.).

We can thus promote Premium content (downloadable by filling out a form), or capture more prospects who subscribe to the newsletter. So many possibilities that will make it possible to convert (in the more or less long term) qualified leads into potential customers .

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