According to the famous 1993 new yorker cartoon. “On the internet, no one knows you’re a dog.” is every one of us. Brand and individual – really what we say? Welcome to the quagmire of Unit Phone Numbers social media authenticity. Beware of the Unit Phone Numbers steps. This is a minefield! “Authenticity”. Has become one of the marketing buzzwords I love to hate, especially when. Discussing social media marketing. Of course, authenticity inspires trust. And for marketing to be effective, brands must be trusted. However, I am really. Unhappy to see marketers bogged down trying to explain how authenticity. Is achieved.

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Arguing that authenticity must be at. The Unit Phone Numbers heart of any marketing strategy…While also insisting that. Authenticity is not strategic. Or that authenticity doesn’t have to be honest or. Transparent…It absolutely has to be. My favorite paradox is that. Authenticity in marketing is about spontaneity, the obvious opposite of planned or Unit Phone Numbers strategic. Thinking. The moment you “Plan” to be “Spontaneous” is when. English finally snaps under the weight of all cognitive dissonance and retreats to a remote. Island to reflect on the source of all wrong. All of this discussion. Is really about how to appear real – how to create artificial authenticity, if you will. (english: “That’s it, I’m not here!”).

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Your brand and. Its people inside will continue to operate regardless of whether its actions and messages align. With some stakeholder-approved, market-tested brand ideals. No filters, no Unit Phone Numbers self-monitoring. Instead of representing the brand’s more moderate, structured. And commercially sensitive views, your social media team. Members will speak their real thoughts and respond Unit Phone Number right away. Of course, that’s not possible. As marketers, our job is to guide ideas, control messages. And create the best possible impression. Therefore. Our attitude towards authenticity must be somewhere bet

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