Is TikTok the future of social media? the social network was launched in China in September 2016 under the name of Douyin then the following year, under the name that we know it, all over the world, before Portugal Phone Number List  in 2018. Since then, its uses have been are developed dramatically as the figures show (see below). The favorite application of very young people (40% of users are between 16 and 24 years old, source: ) is a bottomless well of creativity, with its 15-60 second videos with background music.

A round table organized by Hopscotch, followed by a YouGov study made it possible to shed light on the uses of the Sino-American platform, which raised the controversyin July ( stopped for the moment ). What should we think ? Visionary Marketing conducted the survey.

Tiktok In The Social Media Landscape, Now And In The Future

A very interesting debate was organized on December 1st by Emmanuel Beaurepaire from Hopscotch with the participation of Fabien Laxague, Communications Director of Tiktok France, Spain and Portugal. Also invited were Laurence Allard, sociologist at the University of Lille III, Sarah Fdili Alaoui, lecturer at Paris Saclay, HMI specialist and choreographer and two French influencers and creators of content on TikTok.

Portugal Phone Number List

We will ask the salesperson to say how he perceived the quality of marketing vis-à-vis customers before, and following the campaigns if he considers that theMarlet The very notion of a B2B or B2C market is at the heart of the marketing approach. A market is the meeting …has evolved favorably, if one has been of assistance to him. This is where we will do pre and post test studies.

Does Tiktok Foreshadow The Future Of Social Media?

With 100 million users in Europe, TikTok is no longer an epiphenomenon. I am always surprised, however, when I talk about it in my classes, that the students – who are more in the 22-25 age group – always take the app a bit high. Older people can be reassured, we can quickly be overwhelmed on social media. And what this debate has shown is, on the contrary, the ability of certain mature creators to score well, to the point of being the subject of a 6-page dossier in Vogue in the USA as it was. the case for Karina Vigier.

Here’s going to seriously complicate the task of anyone looking to maximize their website’s SEO , right? Indeed, without exploitable data, it is very difficult to know exactly what the visitor is looking for on our website and therefore to adapt its SEO strategy to consumer behavior … Today’s Whiteboard (which is actually called Whiteboard Tuesday since published on a Thursday), Rand Fishkin will teach us how to find an alternative to this lack of data relating to the keywords used by our visitors, and to fetch this information from other sources to continue to make your website a better place for your visitors despite Google’s whims.

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