In the Cost / Quality / Deadline India Phone Number List triptych, the notion of time is too often neglected, leading to the planning being spread out disproportionately to compensate for the low availability of business or technical teams. However, the same workload will certainly not allow the same result depending on whether it is condensed over a month or over 6 months: level of team involvement, loss of knowledge or forgetting from one workshop to another, difficulty of mobilization of interlocutors … Setting tight deadlines and milestones, punctuating the project through bodies and workshops planned on a recurring basis, mobilizing over a short period of time are all good practices that make it possible to manage not only deadlines, but also the load

and therefore the cost of the project. In a context where technologies, but also business needs, A good diagram is better than a long speech, a good model speaks more than a Detailed Functional Specification It is necessary to have lived the anguish of the blank page when starting a specification to measure how difficult it is to clearly and exhaustively express all the needs, constraints and management rules required by the future. IF. The exercise is all the more complicated as these needs are expressed by different contacts and professions, who each have a partial and / or personal vision of the need. The use of a model makes it

From The First Expression Of Need

possible to concretize, share and complete by iteration the expression of needs, until reaching the right level of mesh understood and shared by all. The use of online tools now makes it possible to build, share and develop this model in a simple and intuitive way. The various tools of the Google suite for example (Site, Drive, Sheets, Doc etc.), are based on rights managed by a Gmail account and allow secure and personalized access to a functional model on any device (PC, Mac, tablet, smartphone). We also use it regularly at Islean, with spectacular results in terms of on-boarding teams and simplifying exchanges. Allot


and demonstrate to avoid the tunnel effect and unpleasant surprises The illustration below, a great classic of IT humor, may nevertheless make anyone laugh a little yellow who will have the feeling of having actually experienced these discrepancies in perception / interpretation between the different actors of the project. These shifts will be all the more true as the number of actors is large, their involvement in the successive project and the long time between each phase. This is one of the main pitfalls of so-called “V-cycle” projects. Shortening these phases and bringing together business and technical players are the founding principles of

A Good Diagram Is Better

Agile methods. Even if you don’t want to rush into habits and set up all the Agile ceremonies, subdividing and breaking down into smaller production phases allows you to demonstrate, share and adjust as the project progresses. Infrastructure and simplified access in the cloud age A classic source of difficulties, costs and delays at the start of an IS project was until recently the sizing, acquisition and installation of technical infrastructure. If you add to that the installation on user workstations or the configuration of access rights, you can easily lose a few weeks or a few months at start-up, even where you could mobilize all your

energies on achieving the goal. The use of environments and platforms accessible online saves this precious time, deploys the infrastructure and provides access in record time to focus more quickly on the heart of the subject: the response to the needs of the businesses. From the only technical platform to the tools available in SaaS mode, the range is now extremely wide to limit the technical prerequisites at start-up, but also to be much more flexible on the evolution of sizing (scalable architectures). The icing on the cake is that technical operating costs (server maintenance, updates, backups, etc.) will be all the more

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