What about ” death by PowerPoint ” *? Is it a fact or a fiction? Is this the responsibility of the tool itself or of the author of the presentation? A long time ago I had published an article on ” PowerPoint disease “, written by the late Giancarlo Livraghi who insisted not on the razor sharp side of PowerPoint (if it exists at all) but on its manipulative side (or rather on the propensity of some humans to use images for deception).

Editor’s note: Translation – voluntarily – literal of the English expression “Death by PowerPoint” But from 20 euros, it is possible to direct part of your savings towards something that is important and that Ivory Coast Phone Number List sense in the eyes of savers. If the confirmed marketing director has been out of school for a long time, that doesn’t explain everything either. A lot of things cannot be learned at school in the field of web marketing, and feedback, specialized books, blogs and ebooks are then the richest learning medium! It is also illusory to simply want to apply offline techniques to digital marketing, this repository being quite unique … In my opinion, here are the key elements that can throw off otherwise seasoned marketers:

Is Death By Powerpoint Inevitable?

In this post I will deal, with the help of Henri de Berny, founder of Prezman, the other criticisms of this tool that we overwhelm with all the words to the point of having banned it from one of the largest companies in the world. , Amazon. Where we will see that, contrary to popular belief, PowerPoint is not a presentation tool . PowerPoint is accused of all the evils, but what I have noticed for myself is that the mode of presentation is arguably less important than the listener himself.


When it comes to traditional marketing, marketers are used to planning annual marketing budgets that meet a defined segmentation. We will then speak in a compartmentalized manner of range, congress, print … On the other hand, as soon as we talk about the digital universe, we will tend to pool certain activities such as SEO or social media , and to work in a more transversal. We therefore provide a launch budget such as that allowing the creation of an application or a website, but also a recurring budget to carry out monitoring activities such as blog marketing , social media.or SEO in search engines. Digital marketing therefore leads to rethinking the relationships between people and services and reinventing communication habits.

Reading A Paper And Looking Up Every Now And Then

So I saw Andrew Neil the founder of Sky, running a hall in suspense with a piece of paper and a text (absolutely remarkable intelligence and humor) that he was reading in front of a microphone. But God knows that this man can read intelligently and that his eye, cast over his paper, spoke volumes of mischief.

To get to the bottom of this much-maligned tool, which ultimately everyone uses *, I turned to Henri de Berny , an expert in the field. [* or his brother Keynote who, whatever may be said, does not do much more, except manage the fonts in a more skilful way. Jobs had received training as a typographer, and this marked the company and its design]

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