Place is a lifestyle 3.0 diary. This digital diary responds to the finger and the shake. All you need to do is Belize Email List your mobile for iPlace to change its daily program proposals.

With iPlace, you no longer need to use paper and a pen. You have the possibility of discovering new, coherent activities and places, according to your centers of interest and your desires. The application allows you to find a party, organize your day or your weekend when you are on the move. Will you be there? keeps your community up to date. A favorite ? The application also allows you to share it with his friends.

First Project From Ibrain, Iplace Is Proof Of The Know-how Of The 50a Galaxy

50A has its own vision of the future: digital , social networks , coworking . To bring this future to life, the agency has set up an R&D unit, code name: iBrain. IBrain is a method and convictions: innovation, collective intelligence, user-centrism.

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The first innovation is therefore found in the construction of a meta profile from the collection of all the information available on social networks. The second lies in its implementation because we are able to cross this profile with databases of all kinds (objects, places, interests, etc.).

Iplace Is A Promise To Our Customers

The strength of iPlace lies in being able to adapt to the expectations of our customers and our users. Open platform, the application is located on 2 levels. Fervent in collective intelligence and coworking , 50A is looking for inspired and inspiring ambassadors to provide iPlace with places and events in major global cities. By taking over in other cities, they are responsible for launching iPlace in their respective cities: it is an opportunity for them to publish a “placelist” and to benefit from a new vector of communication with their community.

The ambassador can then personalize the event and enrich it to create his personal channel. This application can also be adapted to the needs of companies. Today, we are focusing on the databases that we cross with user mapping. This added value allows us to map the tastes of a user to offer him a selection of tailor-made items. We are able to establish precise profiles according to expectations and preferences. And why not, create an application that will cross a range of products linked to customer preferences …

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