We had tested the first version of Bunkr without really becoming loyal users… But when we Albania Email List a completely redesigned v2, we went back to this tool, which is proving to be very attractive! So, we made a quick phone call to Edouard Petit to find out more.

In order to give yourself every chance to succeed, you can set up a multi-varied test (Discover the Optimzely article on the subject.) because this will allow you to deepen your targeting strategy as much as possible. According to a study, each test has about 25% chance of improving the conversion rate, 25% of degrading it and 50% of not modifying it. The more recipes you test, the more likely you are to find, among all the elements, relevant and combinable elements that will allow you to find the winning recipe. In order to maximize your chances of conversion, you can also compare different recipes collected during different tests. This technique will lead you to redefine and reorient the optimization strategy for your entire business.

What Is The Genesis Of The Project?

With Alexis Jamet, we worked in a communication agency and the fruit of our work was often a Powerpoint presentation. However, we realized that with Powerpoint, form takes precedence over content from a past time point of view. Copying / pasting images, data, taking screenshots takes a lot of time which has no added value.

Albania Email List

And above all, the data is valid when you create the presentation, but more necessarily when you present it! And there you have to update an excel to update the ppt and re-export it… So we said to ourselves that we needed a tool that would allow us to create presentations that would update from the data online (via the APIs of applications like Youtube, Twitter, Infogr.am etc.) and above all a tool that could be used on all devices.

Where Are You Today?

The first version of Bunkr was released in 2013, a year later we were raising € 1 million from investors . And then we took our courage in both hands to change everything. 10 days ago, we released a completely reworked version from the ground up. Because with a year and a half of experience and 5 senior engineers, we could make a tool that much more met the expectations of our users. Bunkr v1 was a bit like a house built by good handymen and v2 is an architect’s house, evolving.

With the launch of v2 we have already recruited 15,000 new users. So we are at 80,000 in all, spread over 150 countries. We have a lot of users in the USA and in emerging countries, but relatively few in Europe by comparison. And for the first time, there are more presentations than users, which shows that the tool succeeds in retaining and that the need is real.

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