After a first part dedicated to a quick flashback in the history of the Internet of Things, Australian Email Lists in the flow, the real life of the agency to try to tell you for the market as we see it today ‘ hui .

And having experienced it with the community of some 500 pioneer users of Quantifed Self, we have a feeling that the “ one object = one app = one use ” model risks getting tired. The first reason being that the consumer’s wallet is not expandable. Among the 40 items expected per consumer, we strongly doubt that the basket can be maintained around an average of 100 euros per item / app?

Morning Watch In The “Objects”

A few waves of sleepiness this morning trying to follow the hashtag # CES2014 on Twitter. While waiting for a benevolent Mother able to measure my dopamine, I will think from this evening to reconnect the objects of sleep controls + temperature regulation / air quality. And for lack of having a door-opening visio-actuator on the phone, we return to real life (off the screen) for a few back and forths to the door in order to welcome our visitors.

Australian Email Lists

Browsed the new object catalog / search engine launched yesterday by Wolfram : 3000 objects to start. A project remaining open to the census of new builders. Exciting and to follow for inspiration if you get excited about the topic.

The “french Touch” Described As Ingenious And Creative By The Pros Of Ces

Failing to have been able to join the friend Jean-Michel Billaut for his daily live videoconference live from Villiers le Maheut for a point with Olivier Ezratty and other accomplices of the French Touch, some elements retained on the effervescence of the day.

Le Monde confirms that French high-tech is doing its show in Las Vegas : Of the eight “coolest things” listed at CES by Wired magazine, the American high-tech bible, four are French. Olivier’s first post for Challenges also confirms that OCs are among the top three underlying trends at CES 2014 in Las Vegas:

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