After the overflow of enthusiasm of the previous post on the news of CES 2014 Aruba Email List the Internet of things, the acquisition of the Nest thermostat by Google … (for a record amount of 3.2 billion dollars in order to seize the best designers in the world), it’s time to conclude with some wise recommendations… in this general craze.

Our credo is to show the use. Share user experiences, presentations they make with the tool, whether it be Youtube videos, statistical reports or others … The idea is to show by example the diversity of ways in which we can appropriate the tool.

”olivier Ezratty: “sometimes It Takes The Absurd”

Difficult to have missed the expected profusion of so-called “intelligent” objects told by Olivier Ezratty in his live report of the First Returns of CES 2014

Aruba Email List

Everything is potentially connectable to the point that it sometimes borders on the absurd: the toothbrush (at the French Kolibree), the medicine dispenser, the bed, the pillow, the tennis racket (at the French Babolat, above , equipped with the Movea SDK), the soccer ball, shoes, clothes, the Voyce which allows you to understand your pet’s moods or the bed bug detector. The CES demonstrated this somewhat delirious frenzy of connecting a bit of everything and anything with, in the process, numerous redundancies between objects.

Design In The Spotlight

The “hardware business is very different from digital” declared Rafi Haladjian, during an interview published this week for the petitweb : Basically, the challenge is not to identify a specific use to make an ad-hoc object but to design a flexible environment where each use can find a place.

An admissible critical point of view. This first wave of connected trinkets should not make us lose sight of the fact that apart from a few rare success stories being counted on the fingers of one hand, the general public adoption figures are still expected.

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