This social network now has no less than a billion Internet users around the world. In Réunion, there are more than 170,000 active accounts. Every month, 2 Saint Kitts and Nevis Email List businesses advertise on Instagram (down from 1 million in March 2018). In Réunion, more and more companies are investing in the network. For example, you will find the Pei Effect, S’center, Les Rums et Punchs lsautier, IRT and many others …

Instagram is stepping up a gear with even more subscribers. And you, are your customers on Instagram?
Thanks to Rural Digital, trainers also meet learners in a van, they interact more easily, naturally and instantly, with the possibility of organizing individual sessions . The Initiative responds to the digital needs of municipalities with less than 10,000 inhabitantsand in particular to professionals who are insufficiently trained in digital technology and in demand.

An Effective Social Network

Every day, Instagram therefore converts a large number of new followers. Photo, GIF, video, Carousel, Story … The tool allows companies to quickly improve their image and humanize their brand through varied and qualitative content . The image prevails on Instagram!

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On this network, you have the possibility to publish your own content but also to use content generated by the users of the platform (for example, people who buy your product will be able to communicate their experience on their profile). A real sharing network which, if properly exploited, can be an excellent lever for institutional and promotional communication for companies .

Who Are These “instagrammers”?

The most active users or “Instagrammers” are young people between 18 and 34 years old (mostly female). In Reunion, there is a slight concentration of 18-25s. Although Instagram was originally a photo-sharing network with friends, many people also follow strangers, whether they are stars, influencers, photographers or brands!

Sharing your images of services or products and behind the scenes videos of your activities will facilitate the sharing of emotions with your subscribers in their daily life. It will make your community grow. Also, the use of hashtags (example: #Food) mainly in English will make your publications more visible to instagramers.
Are your consumers part of Generation Y (people born between born between 1980 and 2000) and / or Z (after 2000)? Instagram is one of the social networks on which you must be present.

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