A couple of days ago, this social network announced that it is expanding its direct advertising options through its image carousel. This new way of promotion allows brands to include a sequence of several photos in the same post to tell a short story. The user will be able to access all the images by sliding their navigation to the left, having access to all the resources and learning more about the product or the brand. The last photograph in the sequence is accompanied by the “Learn More” button where you can add a link to the website chosen by the brand, which will open in Instagram’s internal browser.

In its announcement , Instagram explained that last year many marketers and brand owners were requesting more direct advertising options on this social network. It is worth mentioning that until recently Instagram links did not redirect to Germany Phone Number any website, resorting to the “link in my bio” option, an approach that most companies have used as a solution. Some people see the option to add links directly to posts as an attempt by Instagram to reach brands that are present in e-commerce . Last year we announced that the relationship between social networks and electronic commerce is getting better and better and that more than 50% of all the traffic generated in virtual stores is coming through mobile devices.

Advertising with Direct Links to the Brand’s Site

Therefore, it should come as no surprise that most online stores are eager to take advantage of visual social networks. Such as Instagram and Pinterest , to promote their products and drive measurable traffic. Generating sales directly from each of their sites. . We’re sure most online marketers and advertisers are coming up. With clever new ways to take advantage of this new feature, to encourage users to “swipe right” to see all the images they share. For example, Instagram suggests that “a fashion accessories company. The image carousel to make a look complete with a series of individual accessory images.

We’ll make sure that as soon as they announce that this feature is available to the public, you know about it. Creating content just to have something to post on a blog is an activity that many people are doing. This can be seen in the many pieces of content that do not add value to the readers and take the space of what would surely be quite useful. Sometimes there comes that time when we run out of ideas and we don’t know what to write about, either due to lack of new ideas or lack of time; and we decided that our blog can wait for news for a few days, that we have social networks to keep our customers informed. share content So in order for you to deal.

Advertising on Instagram Is Present

If you don’t have a topic to talk about, but you need to share something. You can take the opportunity to share your store’s story with your followers. You can tell how your entrepreneurial spirit came to the fore when creating your brand. How your store has evolved, and some of the obstacles you’ve had to overcome. share social media content. An experienced person speaks, the rest tend to listen. Especially entrepreneurs . Content 2. Inspirational phrases Surely you have entered. Your social networks and you have seen how various people share quotes or phrases of famous people. Related to topics of their interest. That is why if you want some of the social networks of your virtual store to have a little movement. We recommend you share phrases of people who inspire your followers to achieve their goals.

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