Instagram is launching a new “Reels” short video format Following the growing Egypt Email List of adolescents for TikTok, greatly accelerated with the period of confinement that we have just experienced, Instagram wishes to compete with the platform by launching a format of short videos, very similar to the one found on TikTok. Instagram therefore directly encroaches on the playing field of the Chinese application by launching a new feature called “Reels”. The “Reels” tests are currently underway in several countries, including France.

As Instagram had already done with Stories, a feature similar in every way to what Snapchat offers, Reels are therefore a serious competitor to TikTok. Especially since, for its part, the Chinese application is strongly questioned across the Atlantic.

What Exactly Are “reels”?

Reels offers users nothing more and no less to create small videos made up of several clips, of up to 15 seconds. These videos can be enhanced with audio content (music, recordings, etc.), augmented reality effects… and much more, using the various creative tools available.

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By integrating Reels, Instagram shows the ambition to centralize in a single application the functionalities offered by its competitors in the form of unique products. This versatility should allow it to conquer new market shares at a time when TikTok must face important issues related to confidentiality.

How It Works ?

The “Reels” videos are recorded as a succession of small clips that the user can easily achieve thanks to a tool allowing to align the objects and elements of the previous clip before starting the recording of the next one.

Then share your “Reels” videos directly with your subscribers on the news feed or via the Explore tab. The entire Instagram user community will be able to take advantage of this new format, on one condition: to have a public account. When a user sees one of their “Reels” videos selected to appear in the Explore tab, a notification will be sent to them.


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