Instagram launches its influencer platform: Brand Collabs Manager
The end of 2019 was marked by a real earthquake in the world of influencer marketing . Instagram, the leading platform in this area, has in fact Germany Email Database the launch of a tool for connecting advertisers and influencers: the Brand Collabs Manager . This announcement should have a major impact on the activity of agencies specializing in influence. Find out what is behind this new platform.

Prepare your online store on Instagram and optimize sales
Instagram is also a social platform that integrates features related to online shopping. And like Pinterest, Instagram also provides some useful recommendations for preparing your online store for the holiday season. The goal is to offer relevant content related to your products , to showcase them on product pages, stores and showcases and to engage your community in sharing them.

Influencer Marketing, A Real Conversion Lever

For several years, influencer marketing has proven to be an effective solution for brands wishing to develop their reputation on the Internet . Its principle is relatively simple: to appeal to influential people to promote products or services to their community . Instagram is of course a social network widely used by companies looking for visibility through influence. However, it is also possible to observe influencer marketing on media such as Facebook, Twitter, YouTube or LinkedIn and on many influencer blogs.

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Influencer marketing has developed significantly with the changes in the consumption habits of the new generations. Today’s consumers are indeed less sensitive to traditional advertising and favor the opinions and recommendations of their peers, to the detriment of brand messages. It is on this observation that advertisers and influencers rely. The latter thus promote products and services to subscribers who appreciate them and believe in their recommendations.

The Brand Collabs Manager For The Benefit Of Transparency

The Brand Collabs Manager, Instagram’s new tool, should promote transparency in influencer marketing . Indeed, one of the criticisms made to the many existing matchmaking agencies is the lack of clarity in the data communicated to advertisers.

With its new platform, Instagram should thus become the leading influencer agency in the market. The Brand Collabs Manager offers several interesting features. This tool first of all offers a perfect view of the influencers available and the characteristics of their audiences (age, location, etc.). They are also selected by Instagram after analysis of their content. And if an advertiser cannot find the personality he needs, he can quite easily submit a call for projects. In addition, once the campaign is launched, advertisers have the possibility of monitoring the performance of their actions in real time in order to adjust them if necessary.

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