Constantly evolving, the Instagram algorithm has not finished tickling content creators. New formats and new uses by users add new criteria to the Cuba Email List algorithm. So how does the Instagram algorithm work? What criteria should you take into account for your future publications? Focus on the mysterious Instagram algorithm. The creation of the Instagram algorithm . First of all, know that the Instagram algorithm has not always existed!

When the social network was created in 2010, all the publications were listed in chronological order. But the considerable increase in Internet users on the platform has made this process impossible. Internet users were missing more than half of the content of the accounts to which they were subscribed, due to the considerable volume of publications on the social network.

Ranking Of Instagram Feed And Stories

The Instagram algorithm classifies the Instagram Feed and Stories according to the same criteria. It takes into account thousands of signals to choose the Stories to highlight. He recommends content posted recently by the Internet user’s entourage. The main signals used by Instagram relate to:

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The information on the publication includes the time of publication, location, duration in the case of a video, as well as the number of interactions produced by the publication, i.e. likes, comments, and postings. Concerning the author of the publication, the algorithm will seek to know the number of interactions produced by his latest publications. The Instagram algorithm takes into account all of the internet user’s activity . It mainly considers the number and type of posts liked, comments posted under posts, time spent in front of a post, profiles viewed, and posts saved.

Explore Tab Ranking

The Explorer feed allows you to discover new content published by accounts that the Internet user does not follow. In order for the content offered to correspond to the user’s expectations, Instagram uses the old publications with which they interacted, whether through likes, comments, or recordings of publications.

The algorithm has a role of estimation and calculation. Depending on the probability that the user interacts with the post, Instagram will rank it higher or lower in the Explore tab. Among the criteria of the Instagram algorithm for its Explore tab, we find: the popularity of the publication based on the speed and number of interactions generated, he internet user’s interaction history, i.e. the algorithm looks to see if the internet user has already interacted with the profile in question,

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