The “Explore” section of Instagram will now highlight Stories Initially, the “Explore” Iraq Email List of the Instagram social network contained only photos and videos that users had posted to their main feed.
Recently redesigned – addition of categories (notably, Beauty, Travel, Animals…) and of the “Shop” category allowing products to be purchased using Instagram’s new integrated payment functionality – this section will soon contain Stories and IGTV content.

Advantages ?
Advertiser Stories will be able to reach a larger audience, which will also have an impact on advertising campaigns. Indeed, Stories are an excellent lever to allow Internet users to connect with their centers of interest on the platform. You should know that to date, more than 500 million Internet users view Instagram Stories every day. The “Explore” section of Instagram recommends posts based on topics of interest to Internet users in order to personalize the experience.

How It Works ?

When the user goes to the “Explore” section, he will now have access to a newly designed navigation bar offering shortcuts to IGTV and Shopping, followed by thematic channels adapted to the Internet user’s areas of interest.

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The IGTV and Shopping shortcuts are made visible so that the Internet user can benefit from an easy search for products and videos of brands and designers for whom he has affinities. In addition to adding these shortcuts, the new design brings more immersive IGTV and Shopping experiences to explore.

By tapping on “Shop” , the Internet user can now have access to the category filters in the navigation bar. These filters allow you to browse specific types of products on Instagram (beauty, clothing, home decor, and more). This “Shop” section offers items for purchase using Instagram’s new integrated payment functionality.

Availablity ?

By tapping on “IGTV” , the Internet user will be able to access the Home, recently updated for IGTV, and will be able to browse a personalized stream of recommended videos from creators followed or to follow according to affinities. According to the social network Instagram, the “Explore” section is used by more than 50% of its user base each month.

Timer : the objective is to limit the duration of use of the application. Video reporting: It is possible to immediately report any video that does not comply with the application. YouTube Kids undertakes to carry out an analysis as soon as possible. Watch on TV : Enjoy YouTube Kids with your family on select TVs.
The range of possibilities is so vast that it offers many development opportunities for marketing professionals, especially given the gradual arrival of the 5G network.

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