While TikTok, the trendy app among young people, is threatened with disappearance in the United States, Instagram is rolling out its new Reels Ecuador Email List in 50 countries . Thanks to its versatility, the social network belonging to Facebook intends in particular to seduce followers of the Chinese application.

Easy to use, the Reels have obviously found a first audience of users in France. You just have to browse the “Explore” tab to see it. The advantage is that it is not necessary to download an additional application to take advantage of it. This therefore makes the functionality extremely accessible. Likewise, the Reels are perfectly integrated into the application and use the already existing codes of the social network.

Is The Reels Feature A Serious Competitor To Tiktok?

Launched a few weeks ago in France, Instagram’s new Reels feature will now be deployed in 50 countries, from India to Germany via Brazil, Australia, Japan, Spain, Mexico or the United States.

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Available in a new tab on the application, the Reels are a new service dedicated to video . They allow each user to design short 15-second video clips embellished with visual effects, transitions or music. Largely inspired by the successful Chinese application TikTok, the Reels aim to be shared beyond the simple contacts of a user. According to a statement from the social network, the feature will give “everyone the chance to become a creator on Instagram and reach new audiences.”

To make this new feature a success, Instagram intends to rely on the various agreements concluded with music labels and publishers in the first 50 countries deployed. The social network thus intends to offer full creative freedom to its users.

Tiktok App Threatened In The United States, A Boon For The Reels

The launch of Instagram’s Reels in 50 countries around the world comes just as its main competitor, Chinese phenomenon TikTok, is threatened with being banned by Donald Trump in the United States .

Favorite application for 15-25 year olds since its launch in 2016, TikTok is indeed accused by the US government of serving as a spy tool for the benefit of China. To continue to prosper in the United States, TikTok has no other choice but to be bought out by Microsoft.

In this tense context, the Instagram Reels therefore have a real card to play. But more broadly, the new functionality of the platform owned by Facebook targets a wider range of users. The Reels thus aim to conquer young TikTok followers worried about issues related to the security of their personal data, but also to appeal to an older audience.

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