Customers who are very satisfied and who recommend your organization make the difference. They are good for your brand, image, turnover, competitive position and your future-proofing. So there is every reason to work on an optimal customer experience.

But, good customer experience goes further than doing a customer satisfaction survey every now and then . It is an integral process that requires continuous attention. What should you do or not do for that? In this article you will read the do’s and don’ts to successfully improve your customer experience.

The dos…

Know what your customers want

Basically it starts with getting to know the customer well. Know Controlling Directors Email Lists what your customers want. Listen to them. What do they need? Research this frequently and specifically to gain more insight into the moments that matter to your customers. Then you know what makes them enthusiastic or less enthusiastic. Use the feedback obtained and ensure follow-up and concrete improvement plans. Show that you do something with it, that you have indeed listened to your customers. With this customer feedback you can work more specifically on the customer experience and on improving your own organization.

Controlling Directors Email Lists

Involve your employees

Make sure that your employees have a ‘feeling’ for and with the customer in order to contribute to his success and thus also to good results for your own organization. It has often been proven that enthusiastic employees make for enthusiastic customers and vice versa. Therefore work internally on the awareness process of the importance of a high customer experience. Also involve the employees who do not deal directly with your customers or who are in contact with the customers.

Ensure commitment and continuity

From high to low in your organization: customer experience must become part of the DNA. At a strategic level via the boards and management teams, at a tactical level via unit managers and team leads and operationally via the executive employees. But the start is made top-down at a strategic level. Internal customer experience managers can play a stimulating and continuing role in this. Or outsource it to specialists who have the right knowledge in-house.

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