ING’s approach to digital transformation has enabled it to improve time to market, increase productivity and drive employee engagement.

He started his journey in june 2015 implementing an agile way. Of working. He saw that consumer behavior was changing and. He knew he needed to find a way to adapt. To this so he wouldn’t be left behind in the industry.

He realized that thinking traditionally would not get. Him very far, and instead he needed to fully understand. And focus on the customer journey in a new omnichannel environment.

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proud of its transformation success, leaning on four pillars that it used to develop and implement its strategy.

An agile way of working: This made it possible for all employees in the company, regardless of department, to Georgia WhatsApp Number List work together quickly and efficiently.

Organizational Structure: As with any transformation, there are changes that need to be addressed. This includes new roles and governance.

Devops and It Delivery: Georgia WhatsApp Number List

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ING Banking Group worked to release its new products more frequently (every two weeks instead of every two months). The integration of IT operations and product development helped position ING as the leading mobile bank in the Netherlands.

It’s also the best way to identify potential risks before they have a chance to become big problems. Of course, you can and should also carry out additional audits when you feel that your brand is not meeting expectations.

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