How many users with multiple accounts? How many inactive accounts? How many people put a false geographical indication on their profiles? Difficult, if not impossible, to obtain precise figures on the use of social Vatican City Email List in Réunion. However, they would be very useful in order to justify the presence (or not) of a brand on this network. In order to have an overview of the situation anyway, we produced this infographic using Facebook’s advertising planning tool (which bought Instagram in 2012). These figures are therefore not to be seen as an exact reflection but rather as a trend.

There are now 150,000 accounts based in Réunion . In 2016, using the same method, there were 69,000 accounts . In one year, this figure has more than doubled ! This is not surprising since Instagram is doing very well. Whether it is the growth in its number of users or the increase in its advertising revenue, all indicators are in the green. The research institute eMarketer thus forecasts a multiplication of its revenues by 2.22 between 2017 and 2019.

18-25 Year Olds Are The Most Likely To Post On Instagram

In terms of demography, we note that girls are slightly in the majority on this network (53% against 47%). The difference was more marked last year since there were 57% women and 43% men. In terms of growth, men are therefore increasingly present on this network . 18-25 year olds are the most likely to post on Instagram . No wonder, they were already in the majority in 2016 and still represent around 40% of the audience .

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57% of account owners in Réunion specified their romantic situation. Among them 50% are in a relationship , 38% are single and 12% are in another situation. He is interested in home automation which is being installed in rooms and hotel houses and which, in his eyes, is what people are looking for. He nevertheless thinks that even if it is important to make income through economic initiatives such as home automation, the goal is to be at the service of the human being and to respect the customer.

15% Of Them Say They Speak English

The economic model of the tourism sector is changing with the digital transformation, but the old world is not going to disappear for at least thirty years if we are to believe its projections. Reunionese are not very multilingual, only 15% of them say they speak English . Too bad! In terms of technology, device owners, Apple represent 30% of the audience , while those using Android represent 60%.

These numbers may have convinced you that it’s time to get started on Instagram. But this approach must be part of a real social media strategy . To do this make sure you have the necessary skills either internally or through a marketing agency. We have also written an ebook on 5 questions to ask (yourself) before choosing your marketing agency. You can download it, it’s free! 😉

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