The Barcamp principle was first introduced in 2005 in San Francisco. Real meeting, the event consists of a “no” conference: “no spectator, all Cayman-Islands Email List “. Designed in the form of participatory workshops, the Barcamp’s principle is to have content provided by the participants, with a program established on site the same day.

The Barcamp therefore allows fruitful meetings and workshops on specific topics to be shared with participants. Here is an infographic produced by us which presents and explains the user manual for this type of event. Stay tuned, we are planning to organize a barcamp on open governance in the coming months;)

What Is Your Work Methodology?

Heard by the Minister of the Interior, B. Cazeneuve, the amendment concerned was maintained but lightened: in order not to panic the crowds and to guarantee targeted surveillance strictly on threatening behavior, the data will no longer be collected automatically but left to operator arbitration.

Cayman-Islands Email List

Our team is 50% technical and 50% communication, commercial, “consumer care” and community animation because we are above all a social network . We are constantly adapting, in 3 months we have doubled our workforce thanks to a fundraising carried out in November 2015.

Growthhacking? Media Buying? Rp?

The main vector is virality, word of mouth. We did not do a classic com ‘campaign with print / radio / TV media buying. We do a little bit of media buying on Facebook and Google, but we mainly work on the natural virality of the tool. We also maintain a community of ambassadors in the field, who are early adopters very motivated by the values ​​of service.

We provide them with communication kits such as flyers and stickers and they distribute and organize aperitifs to promote the service. It’s pure volunteering and today we count on around 2000 people that we had not even solicited at the base!

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