She is desperate and would sell the business for “pennies”. It would be most appropriate for you, the buyer, to South Korea Phone Number respond with a similar answer, “Well, to tell you the truth, I’m more or less just exploring the possibility myself.

Also add another comment

Such as “I’ll tell you, if you give it some thought and deci you want to make a move any time soon, I might  interest in making you an offer at the right price.” That should, most definitely, raise the seller’s interest.

South Korea Phone Number

The second seller I call

Mister (or Ms.) Magnetism”. This is the person who says There are a lot of people attract to this business.” As mention before, there are usually a number of buyers circling around any good business. Sellers automatically make such a claim to make you think you’d better act quickly or risk the chance of being outbid. Never let that kind of.

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