“Moin la touzour fai com sa!” (= “I’ve always done it that way!”) That’s what my mother replied when I tried to show her a faster way to peel her garlic cloves for her cod rougail. It is normal to ask questions about change. But while consumers have become hermetic Venezuela Email List the hype, some businesses are still hermetic about inbound marketing . However, its effectiveness is no longer to be proven. This trend goes beyond the simple effect of fad, it is up to us to convince the most skeptical by showing them that in terms of marketing quality is more powerful than quantity.

Robert Vinet is looking for a use in digital services, for him “it is not just a question of GAFA and disintermediation”. Fabrice Epelboin reminds that GAFA are in decline. He hopes to see the end of this concentration soon to see new models and actors emerge. Hayat Outahar, founder of Femmes Entrepreneurs, thanks the algorithms that allow cheaper and personalized stays. Thanks to this, “we have become adventurers” and we are more afraid of improvising trips. By providing our data, we are certainly participating in the GAFA monopoly, but in return we have much more suitable services. She recalls that the pioneers of new economic tourism models have been around for a while, they just didn’t have a business model.

Consumers Are Tired Of The Hype

Spam, pop-ups, unwanted TV spots, telephone canvassing, all these intrusive methods are increasingly rejected by consumers . They now know how to find the information they need and no longer want to be disturbed. Reactions on Twitter during one of Koh-Lanta’s commercial breaks

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I am not claiming that advertising as we know it is dead. But it must evolve in order to offer its target an experience corresponding to their needs or desires. It is in this direction that the advertising agencies are working, awaiting an evolution of the legislation in France. Of course the web is not left out, proof of this is the advent of ad blocking software among Internet users.

Inbound Marketing Is More Efficient

A good inbound strategy leads to better performance. Good targeting and effective content are the keys to achieving this kind of result. Besides, according to a study by HubSpot , with a good strategy of Inbound Marketing, you can expect to earn 54% of prospects further in comparison with a conventional marketing strategy.

Mention, for example, is a French company specializing in e-reputation. The implementation of an inbound marketing strategy enabled it to generate more than 5,000 new leads in the first 5 months. 55% of visits to one of their landing pages end in a conversion. As consumers become hermetic, inbound marketing is a gentle way to reach them.

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