It is a risk that is not Costa Rica WhatsApp Number List How do you know if a Link Building strategy is Black Hat or White Hat? Read Google’s official Link Systems documentation which lists what is considered a bad inbound link from the California firm. This list is regularly updated. Did you pay to get this link? Either way, if you paid money directly for the purpose of getting a backlink, it is against Google’s rules . Did you deserve this link? In other words, did someone link to your site because they thought it was worth linking to? If so, you are on the right track. Note:

Black Hat SEO is not just about acquiring links artificially. Many other Black Hat approaches have nothing to do with Link Building, such as Spamdexing, Cloaking, Doorway Pages, Keyword Stuffing etc… But in most cases, when people talk about Black Hat SEO, they are referring to acquiring backlinks in an artificial way. Let’s take a look at several White Hat link acquisition strategies that will help you increase your site’s popularity. The Skyscraper technique This White Hat technique is really effective when you take the time to perform it well. To put it simply, the Skyscraper technique consists of spotting articles on the .

Receive A Lot Of Backlinks

The next step is to identify through Ahrefs or SEM Rush which sites link to the article you have spotted and then contact them indicating that you have produced better quality content in order to receive an inbound link from them. Guest Posting Guest Posting as a link building strategy is extremely controversial because guest posts posted for the purpose of getting a backlink can be viewed as a black hat technique. However, when you prioritize the quality of the information contained in your guest post, Guest Posting becomes a very effective way to acquire inbound links while rapidly increasing your site’s exposure. Here are some tips to apply when starting your Guest Posting strategy: Publish your guest articles on sites dealing with a topic related to yours.


Articles published on sites radically different from yours will send Google a warning. Avoid applying optimized link anchors with your target keyword. Instead, focus on your site or brand name. Don’t rely exclusively on guest posts to get backlinks. Links from guest posts should represent around 5% of your backlink profile (of your total inbound links). Engaging content This is something we’ve covered several times in this article, but the best way to get backlinks naturally will be through a Content Marketing strategy. Write and post articles specifically to get them links. Here are the types of content that will make you acquire links naturally:

It Is Because They Are About A Topic Of Interest

Quantitative studies on a particular industry An article that breaks the myths A guide with visuals A free tool A list of tips or resources An infographic Research intentions hat is a research intention? Search intent is the number one reason a person searches the web. There are four main types of search intent. types-seo-search-intentions Understanding the search intent of internet users is a BIG part of your SEO success for years to come. For example, let’s say you want to go get some Thai food for dinner. You could search for “Thai Restaurant Paris”.

Your intention is transactional . Looking to buy food. But let’s say you want to make a chicken curry. You would rather look for something like “Thai Chicken Curry Recipe”. In this case, your research intent is informational . You are looking for information on how to make this dish yourself. The more you build your content relative to search intent, the higher you will rank in Google. User signals You might be wondering how Google knows if a page is a good match for the user? It turns out that Google is keeping a close eye on how people interact with their search results.

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