Will find abundant information about longform content such as its concept, reasons behind its use to obtain a better position in organic results, and a complete guide to creating top-quality articles. Learn more about this topic with Rock Content!

For a long time, very short, highly objective posts have dominated corporate blogs, however, this landscape has changed and today we need to pay attention to long-form journalism: longform content.

Due to the importance of longform publications for the good performance of the Content Marketing strategy, we decided to create a publication focused on the essence of the concept, as well as its main objectives and benefits.

In addition to this information, in the last paragraph we provide you with a detailed guide on the most efficient measures to create top-quality longform content.

Does the idea of ​​learning more about this topic excite you?

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Longform journalism: Understand the concept
Reasons why we should invest in this type of content
The perfect guide to develop the best longform content
Longform journalism: Understand the concept
The Latvia WhatsApp Number List digital transformation has impacted the dynamics of many professions, among which we find journalism.

As a result of the appearance of digital channels such as social networks, blogs and websites, journalists and communicators have had to modify the way they approach and broadcast their message to the audience.

Until recently, to improve their position in organic results in search engines, companies needed to feed their blogs with concise, objective content with a limited number of words following Jakob Nielsen’s inverted pyramid model.

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That the effectiveness of short content is not a rule, so it largely. Depends on the correct structuring of a brand’s digital strategy, even mixing. Other types of publications such as longform. But, after all, what does it consist of?

We define long-form content as posts based on a large amount of data. And built with a deep and comprehensive approach to topics.

Regarding language, these contents have more extensive texts and. Detailed subtopics, as well as multimedia resources such as. Photographs, videos, audios and infographics.

In fact, the relevant nature of the longform debunks the idea. That only the most objective content takes place in organic searches.

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