A similar service is InfiniteWP , also popular with web agencies. This service has a limited number of free functions, but many extras with the premium subscription.


For frequent WordPress users and web builders, WPMU DEV is the candy store with all kinds of tools, plugins and support. It is not without reason that worldwide – including many Dutch people – more than 760,000 people are already members of this WordPress community.

WPMU DEV is the candy store for every WordPress enthusiast.

WPMU DEV is a paid service and includes a tool to monitor all websites in a dashboard. It keeps track of when plugins need to be updated and it logs if the website is unreachable. For example, it can also automatically update plugins. Super handy if you have multiple websites.

The dashboard is only a small part of their service, you can also use dozens of plugins (new is Shipper , a tool to migrate websites without hassle), support, online courses and an SEO site checkup .

Tip 2: Manage websites with 1 multi-purpose theme

Nowadays, you can buy ready-made websites for little money Chief VP Operations Email Listsfrom a website marketplace, such as ThemeForest or the more compact Elegant Chief VP Operations Email Lists Themes . These themes are reliable, easy to use, can last for years and often have good support. In short, it is nice to work with these ready-made themes.


But it quickly becomes cluttered if you purchase a different theme for each website. With five websites you also have to deal with five different user manuals and five support departments. The solution? Choose a so -called multi-purpose theme , with which you can build different websites: from a business website to a landing page.

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These are popular multi-purpose themes on ThemeForest

Avada is one of those. This spring, this popular theme on ThemeForest ‘popped’ through the magical barrier of half a million sold themes. You can build a corporate website with it, but also an e-learning website, a landing page or a forum. For example, within my company I work a lot with BeTheme , another popular theme.

The advantages of working on 1 theme: you get to know it from oats to barley. At a certain point you can even build everything to size with it. You are always helped by the same people from the support department, with whom you almost build a bond. And they often go the extra mile for you, because you are a wholesaler.

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