At 50A we know what we’re doing, but sometimes it’s easy to get lost in our galaxy. At 50A , we offer you Benin Email List services, but sometimes you wonder what is the heart of our business. And that, we recorded it well.

For months, we have been working on our positioning to make it more accessible . We have succeeded in mapping our services, our events, our research laboratory, our working methods.

Our advice: Do not forget to favor alternative content (change a color button, move a category up …) because this content will allow you to set up different little things very quickly and thus maximize your chances of finding the right one. winning recipe. In short, think outside the box and make your business take a few risks, often it pays off.

Diagram Transcription: The Print Project Coming To Us!

The galaxy 50A is a clever mix of men, expertise and projects. Each object in this universe brings more coherence to the overall project. Today, the central astral star which radiates in all directions and which sets us apart is our R&D unit: iBrain. Our research allows us to be recognized in our areas of expertise by large institutions but also to develop innovative work patterns that benefit the entire agency.

Benin Email List

Above all, 50A is a digital agency . We realize mobile sites and applications thanks to the mastery of web / mobile development, web-design but also thanks to the management of agile IT projects and the mastery of SEO. As such, we have developed our iPlace application , a dynamic diary that offers good deals close to
To enter the targeting phase, it is not necessary to underestimate the budget allocated to targeting and optimization . According to an Adobe study, companies spend an average of 92 cent to acquire a visitor but only 1 cent to provide them with targeted and optimized content. The results of the study showed that optimization initiatives, even if they are small, can generate a double-digit increase in the conversion rate. So don’t neglect your target.

In Digital, We Do Written And Visual, But Also Print!

So we are going to organize for the 4th time a barcamp around e-reputation and personal data. In our premises, we have dedicated 20% of the space to coworking and have opened L’auberge à Marseille , a decompression airlock open to all. The hostel also participates in the demonstration of our agility when, several times a year, we relocate the entire agency for the South {co} working to take the necessary distance to orient the agency.

Globally, the traditional community and ecosystem of our clients is being redefined by new media. The development potential induced by this progress is extraordinary but complex and it is difficult to navigate. This is why we believe that digital must remain a tool at the service of people and their projects rather than a poorly understood necessity.


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