I could have added this element as a highlight passage when I mentioned copywriting. But the tone of the sales speech goes beyond the copy!

In the previous experience of the Buyer Persona Generator, offers for MQLs were displayed more than once throughout the steps. Just to clarify the concept, an MQL is a lead that was qualified by marketing initiatives and wants to communicate with a sales representative.

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Builder is top of the funnel material. We can drive them to the middle of the funnel, but even so, it is very likely that this person is not yet ready to become an MQL. And if we try to Denmark WhatsApp Number List push it, they could:

become a fake MQL, wasting precious time of sales reps;
or feel frustrated because they couldn’t solve their problems.
With that in mind, we rewritten all the copy and adapted or removed all the friction that could cause this kind of pressure feeling.

The tags
To track engagement within your experiences, Ion has the tags. On each clickable action you can place a label with a specific name to understand how, where and when it happened.

Tags in Ion Also Denmark WhatsApp Number List

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Correspond to different stages in the Ion engagement funnel.

You can configure the stages of the engagement funnel for the action that best suits you. The objective here is that you can easily visualize how the user’s journey is going within your experience.

We know that clickable actions can have any kind of purpose: as a “next” button or even a CTA. But the old Buyer Personas Generator had no action. So we couldn’t measure or analyze what was going on there, detect bottlenecks, track distractors…nothing.

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