Hyper personalization, what is it? It was within the framework of a meeting organized by Axys consultants on this theme, before the cataclysm of COVID 19, in other words an eternity, that I met Jean-Philippe Cunniet . I really Pitcairn Email List his way of telling stories around personalization . His great didactic ability and his persuasive tone allow him to quickly grasp the challenges of hyper-personalization. For this I had invited him to testify on this subject through a video that I took too long to publish on the Visionary Marketing site.

Like I said, this is not the end, but rather the beginning of a story. I think that one can imagine a lot of things behind this device also in the field of companies and marketing. There are still plenty of things to invent with these devices which remain complex and therefore the prerogative of professionals. We hope that this will make you want to set up interactive video devices, and failing that, when you have the right to go out, go see Monsieur Bigaignon.

Hyper Personalization: What Is It?

Hyper personalization is the process of having a speech that is useful to the consumer. And for that, we have to understand the consumer and his needs. It was a fantasy for a very long time, we did some personalization to send standard messages to everyone. Spraying everyone with a name, surname, it was pretty much targeted and segmented. Now, we are in a world of big data and we have to go much further.

Pitcairn Email List

In producing this glossary, Visionary Marketing has come up against a major problem: f … , hyper-personalization, we obviously find it in the newsletters that we send, but in fact, we must find it in all the conversations we have with consumers. Each time a consumer enters a store, interacts on another mobile application with customer service, it is necessary to personalize theclient experience Experiential marketing is about giving the prospect or customer a memorable experience …

A Matter Of Robots?

Is Hyper Personalization a matter of automating robots, software or a matter of human beings? Well, it’s really both. If we give a tool ofmarketing automation B2B marketing automation makes it possible to automatically manage marketing processes on several … , until now, we have used a lot of these tools to make a machin gun to send “Spray and Pray” as they say, and spray everyone with a message..

In other words, even if Facebook is synonymous with personal, off the fact that users go there for such professional use. For example, contacting the customer service of their mobile operator or leaving a notice, to express their dissatisfaction following a training course that did not meet their initial request at all. In short, with professional expectations .

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