Who have already tried it can influence other consumers and motivate them to try it too. However, it is true that word of mouth can be costly for the company if the publicity generated is negative. People: a new variable of the Marketing Mix A new P added to the 4 initials of the marketing mix. Relating to people and the influence they have on purchasing processes. Behind a sale, a purchase, a complaint or a recommendation is a person. Without people, there would be no companies, human relationships, or needs. Without people, life as we know it would not exist, hence the importance of knowing how to value them. New P’s of Digital Marketing Personalization Adapt the 4P’s of the Marketing Mix in an individualized way and segment more precisely.

Offer the best product, at the most affordable price, with the most efficient distribution and the most effective promotion for each consumer according to their profile and preferences. Not all consumers are the same, nor can all needs be satisfied in Ukraine Phone Number the same way for the entire public. That is why companies need to personalize what they offer and the variables involved in it. Participation Users seek a shopping experience in which they feel part of the brand. In this way, companies have the opportunity to generate added value that brings them closer to their customers and allows them to retain them. In addition to building customer loyalty , the experiences will be disseminated by the consumer, who already feels part of the brand.

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Through social networks there is also the possibility of calling users to action so that they contribute ideas and proposals, offer individual discounts, spread messages that convey empathy and complicity with people. They are a good tool to humanize your brand . peer to peer In the opinions of real experiences lies the key to improving a product. Today’s consumers trust other people’s reviews of a product more than traditional advertising. That is why it is very useful and necessary to listen to our clients and find out what they think about us. Modeled predictions Using tools that allow results measurement and that offer customizable data collection and reports can help redirect the company’s strategies.

The more information you have about consumers and their behavior, the better predictions can be made. Sustainable marketing mix: people, planet, profit (profit) Other variables to take into account to define. A marketing mix strategy are the planet and business profits, in addition to the previously mentioned people. Without people there would be no life and without a planet either. It is important to make companies aware of the responsibility that falls on them. When it comes to designing, producing and distributing their product. Efficient and sustainable consumption and production reduce negative effects on the environment. An aspect that many consumers take into account when choosing a product.

That Is Why It Is Very Useful and Necessary

Lastly, business benefit limit to economics, but also put business ethics into practice and value collective benefit . If we all win, the benefit will be greater than if only one wins. The 4C’s of Marketing: complement your marketing mix strategy. All variables must be consistent with the principles and values ​​of the company and complement. C’s of marketing: consumer, communication, convenience and cost . About the 4C’s. It is important to take the consumer into account and know their way of thinking order. To make the right decisions applicable to each variable. Knowing how to communicate the message accurately and finding. The most effective way to do so will allow us to reach a larger audience. Creating a simple, easy and time-saving purchase process will motivate the consumer to buy on a recurring basis.

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