Human emotions are not just powerful. These tend to linger long after they are felt, and can make people deeply uncomfortable if left unresolved.

This is especially the case with negative emotions.

Acting on an emotion is one way to achieve this, which is precisely why emotional ads show a 23% increase in sales compared to standard ads.

Here are a few more factors that make Emotional Marketing especially impactful.

Help your audience remember you
Have you ever noticed that some of your clearest memories are of experiences that inspired powerful emotions?

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be happy memories, but there’s a good chance you’ll remember something that made you feel especially angry, scared, or anxious.

Emotion has a powerful connection to Bulgaria WhatsApp Number List memory, so events, experiences, and even advertisements that have an emotional impact tend to stick with people.

Make your audience feel something, and they’ll be much more likely to remember you.

Helps drive sales
Ads that harness human emotion are 31% effective on average, while ads that stick to more traditional tactics are 16% effective.

In other words: impacting your audience directly is a pretty reliable way to drive purchase decisions.

Transcendental Emotional Marketing shows a person what could be possible if they become a customer.

Help Convince Them Bulgaria WhatsApp Number List

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That your products and services can make them happier, healthier, more confident, less scared, and so much more.

Inspire your audience to share
What do you usually do when something you see or experience makes you feel something powerful?

If you’re like most people, you’ll probably tell someone else, whether that means sending a message to a friend or sharing the content in question on your social networks.

People love to fill their timelines with material that makes them feel something. They want to convey the positive feelings to others and rant about the negative ones.

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