To improve the quality of your services (because no one is perfect!) And show the interest you have in your client (which is everything for you!), It is essential to give them a satisfaction questionnaire. Thanks to him, if Mali Email List , you can readjust your offer and overcome any dissatisfaction. Indeed, 98% of unhappy customers never complain, they just leave you (according to the work of Peter Fisk, on ), in other words, it would be a shame to miss it! You have a way to make up for it here so take the opportunity!

Now, overcome the anxiety of the blank sheet and find here our invaluable advice for writing a most relevant satisfaction survey! In addition, the satisfaction survey is one of the key elements to improve loyalty, which you can find in our checklist to retain your customers. Note that this questionnaire will be distributed at the end of the vocational training; people will react “on the spot”. It is quite possible to envisage a second questionnaire, which will make it possible to assess a few weeks after the training, the added value of the training, on the daily life of the person. It is then a question of measuring the transfer of knowledge, in a professional situation, then the return to initial expectations.

Form: A Beautiful Questionnaire To Captivate Your Customers!

Nothing should be left to chance, so you have to think of a pretty gift wrap, in other words, your questionnaire must be visually pretty , attractive , that we want to tick the boxes and fill it out! Anonymous or nominative? Throughout your customer relationship, you wanted to establish a privileged relationship of trust, your customer will have no difficulty in sharing his remarks with you, let him take part and reveal his identity to you!

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Print or digital version? Depending on the size of your organization, the volume of questionnaires to be processed will be different. To manage a large volume, the online version seems the most suitable. If you opt for a paper version, remember to respect your graphic charter, have an attractive, pretty and original document.

The Background: Effective Content, Well-asked Questions And Method, Always!

Introduce your questionnaire Short presentation text, be transparent in your objectives, indicate the time it will take (very fast: less than 5 minutes). Structure your questionnaire along 3 axes
– The training organization (location / quality of the rooms / equipment provided) – The training (educational content / skills and qualities of the trainers / schedules / pace of work) – The training group (working atmosphere, group / relations with other trainees)

Validate your primary objective: your customer satisfaction! Remember that all these questions must answer your problem : know if your products (training) are well suited to your request. And ask yourself if you do not already have the answer to a question you are about to ask… 🙂 That would be annoying! Define a number of questions Be concise! Your trainee comes out of a day of training, surely a little tired, he will not want to work on a list of questions for hours… You have to be efficient. Between 10 and 15 questions is good.

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