As a reminder, SMART objectives are a method for defining objectives in order to obtain quantified results, help pose the problem, avoid Romania Email List … This acronym stands for: Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Relevant (Relevant), Temporarily defined. Let’s see how it works right away:

Learn digital with Google, what objectives?
The objectives of these courses offered by Google (Learn digital with Google) are to restore the confidence of entrepreneurs or business leaders in need of technique , to help certain profiles to find a job, to support them in their interviews or tests. entry, for example… or quite simply to acquire new knowledge to all those curious about digital!

Define The Needs Of Your Business

First, you must define the needs of your business to highlight your objectives. There is no one-size-fits-all recipe for having a good social media strategy, it all depends on your situation. – If you are a young company starting on the web, then you need to make yourself known, you will have to start by acquiring notoriety .

Romania Email List

– If your website traffic is too low for your liking, you can take action on social media to redirect people to your site . – Or if you want to develop a particular brand image , social networks can be a good way to achieve this.There are many examples and we cannot cite them all, just remember that you will have to analyze your needs, subsequently will result in objectives that you can set in a SMART way !

Kpis Based On Your Goals.

Who says SMART says measurable ! And to measure our progress in the objectives, we need KPIs (Key Performance Indicators). Here is a list of the KPIs that you can find on social networks according to your objectives: Without going into the details of the IT or digital Grandes Ecoles which are multiplying and filling up to train the “ Digital workers” of tomorrow; the MOOCS (Massive Open Online Racing or online courses) provided by Code Academy Khan Academy or OpenClassRoom for example, have a bright future ahead of them …

Once again, the topics covered are numerous, as vast as there are digital projects: Storytelling , branding , social media , or even the creation of an online e-commerce … They have the advantage of being able to be followed anywhere and anytime and promise accessibility to digital information for all.


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