Do you want to start in the world of podcasts and upload your content to iVoox? Do you have a podcast and want to share your RSS to reach more audience? Whatever your situation, we have the answer to your questions! Publishing your podcast on iVoox is free , and for it to appear on the platform you just have to follow these simple steps. How to upload your podcast to iVoox : 1. Registration Sign up or access your iVoox account with your email, or through your Google or Facebook profiles. If you have created a new account you will receive a verification email, and after confirming it you will be able to upload your podcast from iVoox Podcasters.

Create your podcast Once you have your account created, click on « New program « . Click on “New Program” to start your podcast on iVoox. Choose a catchy title for your new podcast, add a description, and add a custom image ( recommended Cambodia Phone Number size: 1400 x 1400 px ). Convey your value proposition and give importance to these three points, as it will be the first thing listeners see when discovering your content. Fill in the other information fields (theme, labels, language…) and you will have created your podcast. 3. Add your first episode Upload or drag the file of your first episode ( It can be in mp3, m4a or wav, and should not be more than 300MB ). Upload or drag your first episode file.

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What if my audio is already online? Do not worry! You can also register it through its url . Then you will only have to fill in all the information of the episode . Remember to put catchy titles and descriptions to grab the attention of your listeners! You can add a different image for all your audios, and customize the cover of your episodes will help you reach more people. 4. Share it Link your Twitter and Facebook accounts to your profile and broadcast your episodes automatically and in a single click. Customize the sharing message and broadcast your first episode ! On the other hand, with the RSS feed of your podcast you can broadcast it on other podcasting platforms.

You will find it from the podcast edition, in the RSS configuration block of the feed. From there you can get its URL ending in .xml, which you can add to the other aggregators. 5. Publish and voila! Press to publish… And that’s it! You will find your new podcast from the content section , from where you can follow its publication process and obtain its link. 6. Do you want to make money with your podcast? If you decide to activate the Subscriptions for fans you will be able to start receiving recurring economic contributions from your listeners and generate income with your podcast.

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In return, as a creator, you can offer them the rewards you choose: exclusive episodes, previews, access to history, etc. In addition, from the monetization area of ​​your private area you can join iVoox for Brands to get sponsorships with brands, and with the affiliation program you can earn money by commissioning for the sale of iVoox products. If you already have an RSS feed and want to share it on iVoox and reach a larger audience: You have chosen the right platform, since iVoox is the leading platform in Spanish to listen, publish, share and monetize audio content. Post for free to the largest community of Spanish-speaking listeners and we’ll make sure your podcast.

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