The podcasts that you can find on iVoox are one of the best ways to relax, exercise, change your eating habits, or just have a good time. And to make it even easier for you to listen to our podcasts, now you can find iVoox’s powerful catalog also on Movistar Home . This way you won’t even have to type the audio you want to listen to, just ask Aura! How to use iVoox in Movistar Home Thanks to iVoox’s collaboration with Movistar, you can listen to your favorite radio station without having to tune into the radio or search for it in the iVoox application. So if what you want is to listen to Cadena SER , you can do it with a simple “Ok, Aura, I want to listen to Cadena SER”.

There is still more, and that is that Movistar Home users have access. A podcast carousel with all the programs associated with their favorite radio stations or access. The iVoox podcast catalogue, so if you have missed a program that you like or you Kuwait Phone Number simply want to listen to it again. Tell Aura the following Aura go to programs» and you will be able to find the audio you were looking for. Find the most popular podcasts If you are an iVoox user. You already know that on our platform radios are part of the content we offer, but that you can find much more. Such as the most popular podcasts of the moment, such as Strange Days , The Girl in the Elevator or Bitcoin Territory.

Times of Confinement

Let’s say you want to listen to the latest program of Nobody Sabe Nothing , the famous podcast by comedians Andreu Buenafuente and Berto Romero, to have a good time with its content you just have to say the following: ‘ ‘Ok Aura, go to Nobody Sabe Nothing podcast », and have fun! In addition, in Movistar Home you can also find iVoox’s exclusive podcasts, the iVoox Originals . Podcasts that we only offer at iVoox and that you won’t miss either if you ask the Movistar Home assistant. So don’t worry, you can find out about the essential series for this quarantine thanks to La Órbita de Endor or follow the political and international news with the journalist Fernando Díaz Villanueva, in LaContraCrónica.

If you were already an iVoox user and want to find the latest episode of a podcast you were following on our apps or web, don’t worry! Aura will help you to find the last audio you listened to if you ask it »Ok, Aura go to episodes». Don’t hesitate any longer, live a unique experience with the collaboration of Movistar and iVoox ‘s intelligent assistant . Fully immerse yourself in the latest technology and listen to your favorite radio stations and podcasts. Without having to pick up your mobile or turn on your computer, listen to iVoox thanks to Movistar Home. Confinement has disrupted our daily routine, it is difficult. These days to set schedules to keep our day to day minimally organized.

Find the Most Popular Podcasts

This lack of control affects our mental health and many people do not get a good night’s rest. That is why at iVoox we have selected these podcasts so that. You can rest completely and make your quarantine a little more enjoyable. 4 ways that work to fall asleep It is normal that you are overwhelmed by the situation and you can’t sleep a wink when the sun goes down. That is why in A Cada Instante they bring you four tips that you can use to get rest at night. In less than fifteen minutes you will find the keys to sleep all night. How to overcome insomnia? Find out how our mind works these days thanks to psychologist. Who analyzes and explains the insomnia that many people are suffering from and reveals the keys to dealing with it.

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