Before initiating a transformation, it is Oman Phone Number List to make an inventory, a diagnosis of the current performance. We will therefore ask ourselves the following questions: How do we respond to our customers? What is the value created for them? What is the value we want to create? How do you stand out from the competition? What are the main channels of our customer relationship? Are internal processes efficient? And the external processes (customer relations, suppliers, partners, etc.)? What value would be achieved by the digitization of such and such a practice? And finally, what are the obstacles to the digitization of my organization? This diagnosis should make it possible to identify the priority and secondary

points of improvement: what can digital technology allow us to gain in each of these areas and how it will allow us to adopt a lean approach (improvement of performance, reduction of waste…) It is then necessary to quantify these points of improvement, and to assess the achievable margins for improving performance. diagnostic illustration These elements, the inventory of current performance, the points for improvement identified as well as the quantification of the improvement margins make it possible to define an improvement target . This target must be realistic, motivating and attainable. The challenge is to be able to

Make A Diagnosis Of The Situation / Of The

situate oneself in a medium / long term vision of the digitized company. It is the improvement target that will guide the transformation and not the other way around: we are not doing digital for itself . Indignados and a sponsor Digital transformation rhymes with brutal reorganization. The digitization of an organization’s processes involves sometimes violent changes, for which employees are not always prepared. Hence the importance of a sponsor . The sponsor is a figure who will support the project. He is the person in charge who ensures that the means are well committed for the success of the project. For this he must be influential

in the organization and know how to take the measure of his responsibility: he is ideally transverse to the IT department and to the business lines. sponsor illustration Some digital transformation projects go through sincere indignant people , that is to say users outraged at the poor quality of the support or the poor quality of the tools, and who will want to make things happen, while being available and competent. However, those who are at the heart of the issues, and more likely to be outraged by a particular dysfunction, are not necessarily at the top of the scale. And it is also a risky position: “the one who says ‘I do not agree, I am

Indignados And A Sponsor

outraged, we could do otherwise’ is a renegade who takes enormous risks, in particular of ostracization, that of being perceived as a barbarian who endangers the lasting balance of the organization.”The sponsor will also be there to highlight the indignant and echo their indignation. Communicating this outrage and getting users on board will turn brakes into motors. Then comes the preparation of the digital transformation and its actual implementation. This is a vast program, which will therefore be the subject of a second article.


We are having discussions with large groups and telecom operators in France and abroad to set up our solution. Today the international approach is opportunistic. How did you start the project? I had several accompaniments to launch the project. I followed the Founder Institute which allowed me to refine the idea of ​​the project and to clearly define the need . The Dojo incubator, also a shareholder, advises us. I was also taken in the Réseau Entreprendre program, a network that brings together former entrepreneurs helping new projects, particularly through loans. There are also Business Angels who help us financially or through

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