Subscriptions for Fans, a model that works With the goal of helping the content creator, three years ago we pioneered the introduction of Fan Subscriptions . It is an initiative integrated into our apps that allows the producer to receive recurring contributions from their audience. Users highly value the possibility of accessing exclusive content and collaborating with their favorite podcasters, and more than 95% renew their subscriptions month after month. Since its launch, it has generated more than 1 million euros in support, and among the more than 2,000 affiliated creators, some live exclusively from the podcast, which makes iVoox the reference platform for monetizing podcasts in Spanish .

This is a model that can work regardless of the size of the podcast audience . For example, The Voice of Horus is a program dedicated to the Warhammer 40k world. It is a very specific topic but it has a large number of followers willing to support it Jordan Phone Number with a monthly recurring amount. The podcast is a format that allows you to address very specific topics in great depth, and these thematic niches generate very active communities. Activate the Fans and start earning money You can do it from the edition of your podcast, in your private area . As a podcaster, you decide from what amount you want to receive recurring support from your fans.

It Is a Tool That Allows You to Connect

We work to help you consolidate an audience, to interact with it. And to allow you to generate income without giving up on continuing to grow. The episodes accessible through this subscription are also available through iVoox Plus. A service that includes the entire exclusive catalog of the platform. These are complementary models. Will allow you to generate new additional income, thanks to a large volume of listeners who would not otherwise support a particular podcast. Success stories 90% of fan support is for podcasts with exclusive episodes. Although as a podcaster you can have active Fan Subscriptions without the need to publish this type of content. In fact, according to data from a recent survey of our users, the main reason listeners decide to pay for a podcast is to help its creator .

To monetize the podcast there are different valid strategies. For example, Días Extraños is one of the most listened to on the platform. After 20 years linked to Iker Jiménez, and already being a benchmark in the world of mystery. Santiago Camacho began a solo stage for which the direct support of his followers through the Subscriptions. Fans has allowed him to achieve the financial autonomy that I was looking for Camacho publishes a part. The program open to all users, but another part only for fans, as a spin-off . The listener wants to enjoy all the content, and this generates support. Dani Caran is the founder of the Casus Belli factory, made up of war history podcasts such as Casus Belli or Victoria Podcast .

Advertisers and Related Creators

Caran started with a single podcast and then branched out, employing custom publishing strategies for each show. In one he offers his fans an exclusive weekly episode. While in the other they can hear the new episodes for the first time. Lastly, the sports journalist Iñaki Angulo shows how iVoox generates a capacity to monetize that is superior to other content platforms. Angulo has opted for the podcast to complement the videos that he uploads on his YouTube channel with quality content. All the episodes of his podcast, Soccer for Smarts , are exclusively accessible to listeners who support the podcast. After a few months on iVoox, it has broken records for receiving support. Showing that the followers of a podcast are willing to pay for the content.

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