Or example, of the professionals surveyed by , 80% said that email was the best channel to acquire and retain their customers. Also, when doing business, 86% of people prefer to communicate through email. Time and again reports present email marketing as the channel with the best ROI. And it is that email is a direct route to the person we want to reach. Contrary to social networks or online advertising, which are less personalized channels. So are you ready to get started? Where do email addresses come from? Before going further with the topic, it is important to make it clear where the list of addresses to which we will send our emails comes from. While there are ways to pay for email lists, this is not recommended. To begin with, it is an unethical strategy, since you would be accessing a personal space without the recipient giving you their permission.

Acting without the consent of your recipients will have a negative consequence that every business must avoid: there will be a lack of trust. “Who is this person writing to me? Is it a virus? . Trust once lost is very difficult to regain . Also, when you Afghanistan Phone Number send mass emails to strangers, you will most likely be reported as spam. And having a large number of complaints will affect the reputation of your IP and your domain. Yes, the entire domain, not just the email account you’re using. If you want to check your reputation, you can do it here here . So, what to do? Start growing your email list little by little. For example, include a form on your.

but Remember, They Won’t Make

And remember that in the physical world you can also find subscribers, for example, people who participate in an activity that you organize. Depending on your strategy and what you’re looking for with your email list, you may find this start a bit slow. However, many times it is better to have smaller email lists, but with loyal users. Types of emails So far we have talked about how effective email marketing is and how important it is to work on your own email list, but… what exactly does email marketing refer to? To any communication by email that we establish with a client or a potential client , either to promote our products and services or to establish any type of relationship with them. With this definition in mind, we can establish 4 types of emails: Personal. Newsletters. Promotional. Transactional. personal They are the emails that are sent one by one.

This is the type of email that you send when a client writes to you directly asking for information or that you write to potential clients when they have downloaded specific content from your page. They are personalized emails. We can usually address the person by his name, and that doesn’t need a big design. What they do need is to be clear and direct. They must answer all the questions of the client or potential client. Likewise, they must make clear the ways to obtain more information if necessary. Include your contact information and your website in the signature. If you wish, also include your social networks or any other project that you want to highlight. Nowadays CRMs have helped to automate this type of emails when we talk about massive lists.

Final Tip: If You Don’t Want Hashtags

For example, a CRM could be used to define a personalized sequence of emails. The hundreds (or more) of people who download an ebook, according to their behavior. newsletter. The purpose of this type of email is to transmit information of interest to the reader. But not linked to the sale. When we subscribe to a blog and receive updates periodically, we are receiving a newsletter (by the way, to subscribe to the Mauna newsletter click here ). Today that has changed. This does not mean that we can neglect images, but rather that we can take better advantage of the text and not just fill it with hashtags. In addition, it is important to be clear about what we want to achieve with our Instagram posts. For example, trying to get traffic with a regular Instagram post is not recommended, since we only have the bio link to do it. The text Instagram allows you to create posts of up to 2,200 characters.

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