The “guérre” is becoming popular around the world as it seeks to achieve growth in the midst of increasing competition and a difficult work environment. Merging two companies often Chile Phone Number results in many new challenges that have not existed before. New businesses may end up with multiple markets, a larger and more diverse customer base, a more complex product and service portfolio, and superior people and workload. 

Gamma covers legal matters, human resources, taxes, intellectual property and financial resources. Despite its growing global popularity, about 80% of mergers and acquisitions are unsuccessful. In any merger, there are many challenges in combining the two previously different companies into one harmonious component. Mergers are a fragile process, which may not achieve their goals if not managed well.


1. Encourage the strength of your core brand

Getting all customers to find a harmonious organization is one of the big things you will do during the merger. Once the merger is complete, customers will be eager to know what sets your business apart from its competitors. During the first few years of any combination, it should be done to stick to the major strengths you have introduced. As your business grows and customers become accustomed to free services, you can expand into new areas.

2. Quickly paint a picture of success for everyone

Here we look at all relevant stakeholders, including the board of directors, customers, employees, managers, regulators and revenue managers. Managing the expectations of different participants is a complex process that becomes even more difficult as you move to different regions. The more your participants can see all the goals and benefits of the association, and you are able to meet their requirements, the easier the process will be.

3. Organizational culture

Mergers are about equal partnerships based on equal footing. Part of the first responsibility is to decide what culture you have established. Mixing two cultures may not work even if the two companies have the same value and work culture, there may be some nuances that mean you have to create a new culture based on the values ​​shared by the brand, then let it grow naturally .


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