When it comes to online buying decisions, customer testimonials and reviews can be the deciding factor in whether or not the sale happens. Having positive customer reviews on your website shows that you have existing sales, which provides social proof for new or potential customers to make a purchase from you. In fact, word of mouth advertising is the number one factor behind a purchase, with a positive percentage of between 20% and 50% , while 63% of online consumers say that if they buy from an online store it is because has positive reviews. So, what are the ingredients that a testimonial needs to have to be effective, and what is the secret to generating them regularly? Keep reading. the perfect testimonial To generate a perfect testimonial, you will need to know what ingredients it requires.

First, the most important aspect of any testimonial is knowing if it’s authentic, so keep it that way. Fabricated reviews don’t sound as genuine thanks to their promotional tone. It’s always best to post something honest and positive from real Saudi Arabia Phone Number customers. And even then, the real testimonials are not always credible, so how do you avoid falling into the trap? Show credibility Making a credible testimonial in the eyes of visitors is absolutely vital. However, this process goes beyond just adding a sentence or quote. When posting a testimonial you should include the client’s name, a short excerpt and their site if possible. This will work well even if it is a little known person, although it goes without saying that with someone important it can work much better, giving you an extra touch of credibility.

Testimonials for Your Ecommerce Business

For example, Help Scout puts this strategy of using the testimonial from Wistia, a well-known online video marketing company, prominently on their website: Another good example is the one carried out by the Marie Forleo school site , which includes testimonials with photographs of people. It is not only about adding photographs, it must also have a positive contrast of colors. In this case, the colors of the photographs are consistent with the brand colors. On our testimonials page , we make sure to curate testimonials from some of our well-known clients and their respective brands, as well as a selection of tweets from people who speak positively about us.

Testimonials “Shopify is helping people who don’t necessarily have web development skills connect directly with their consumers. I see that as a real change from the opportunities available.” Patrick Buckley – Co-founder of Dodo Case. The key here is to add additional information about your customers, important to increase the credibility of the reviews and make them more persuasive. Publish the doubts of your clients and then give them a solution Believe it or not, doubts are a good thing when used correctly. The folks at CopyBlogger have covered this in detail , laying bare the “reverse testimonial” method. The reverse testimony begins with a doubt, but continues with praise and ends with a singular gratitude, contrary to how the comment began.

Short, Sweet and Natural

These types of testimonials sound real because they are natural. In person, we give testimonials to others starting. With dispelling some doubts that they have about the product or service and immediately. Follows the solution and how the product solves the problem. For example, “Remember that half-assed bookstore we visited on the edge of town? I passed the other day and the truth is that they have incredible titles. I’m sure we should go back.” share a story With the credibility and doubts in order. The next step is to put together the testimonial with a beginning, climax and end. Take the aforementioned library example. There was a doubt as to how good the bookstore was. And it was in that part where the story begins. Visiting her would be half the story, which would end with a sentence.

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