A salesperson, a car and a good professional directory: if your lead generation boils down to that, then you may not be able to develop in the digital age. 93% (source Syria Email List ) of buyers go through search engines. And BtoB is no exception to the rule. So how do you go about attracting prospects using digital technology? Here are some answers, in a didactic way, in 3 simple steps!

To know who you are looking for, you have to correctly define your target. Building your personas is a preliminary and essential step. But what are we talking about exactly? It is about defining the portrait of our ideal client. To do this, we collect demographic information (age, place of residence, etc.), professional (position, sector, experience, etc.), related to areas of interest , online presence (LinkedIn account, Facebook, etc.). Twitter, etc.), and anything else we think is useful!

Create Content To Attract Them

Once you’ve determined what your personas really interest you, it’s your turn to take action. You have the different channels at your disposal to distribute them: social networks, blog, emails, website, etc. The content to attract prospects will therefore be “free” content, accessible without restriction. Blog posts
Let’s start with blog posts. These are all entry points to your site for people doing a search on Google by attracting quality traffic . They demonstrate your expertise and enrich your website. On the other hand, to be relevant in the long term, it is necessary to set a real editorial line and a rhythm of publications!
We have written a detailed article on the question of personas .

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The goal here is therefore to know your target very well and especially to identify issues that will really interest your audience. For example, imagine that your persona is Michel, 50, who runs an SME in Reunion Island. One of its challenges is to keep its employees motivated and productive. It is up to you to find solutions for it, obviously in relation to what you are offering: this will thus give you subjects for blog articles and white papers. ​Today Uber is not a collaborative economy , because there is no virtuous effect in this service. It is an ultra-capitalist company disguised as a collaborative company, it is not part of the collaborative economy. We must also give the general public the keys to understanding so that it can clearly distinguish between virtuous services and services whose only appearance is collaborative like Uber.

Transform This Audience Into Prospects

The visitors to your website thus attracted, although qualified, are not necessarily prospects, potential customers. It is therefore necessary, at some point, to capture their contact information : email, telephone or other. This is where downloadable content (or other “premium” content) comes in. Indeed, you put online an important, complete file on a specific theme, and you give Internet users access to it in return for personal information, in a form .

This content, generally placed on a landing page (or “landing page”), takes longer to be created and therefore has more value. This is why Internet users are ready to leave their contact details to be able to consult it. For example, we have implemented a tool to help our prospects properly assess their digital marketing budget to consider. On the associated landing page, we offer visitors to download the tool in return for their contact details.

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