Réunion is no exception to the rule, the social network is and remains No. 1 in the territory with more than 380,000 users (of which 270,000 are Libya Email List every day). With such potential, it offers new opportunities to companies (50 million companies present in France). And with this mass of companies that are launching into the race, how can we get out of the game ? So before you jump in headlong, it’s important to study what others are doing on their Facebook page: what they post and how they work. There are different methods for doing this.

When you are an administrator of a Facebook page, by going to the “Statistics” tab, then “Overview” at the bottom of the page, Facebook offers you a list of pages to watch. This is based on the area of ​​activity of your page. You can add about 5 pages to your watch list and there compare them to your own page which is at the top of that list.

Stay Organized!

The data presented is that which is publicly available: number of fans, growth of fans, number of publications. This allows, at a glance, to compare its audience growth with others, and to monitor the editorial pace of other pages. This information is thus more quantitative than qualitative.

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In order to find your way around, it is possible to create lists in order to list the pages to watch, these will appear to the left of your news feed. To do this, go to the “Browse” column (1), then “Interests” (2) and all you have to do is create your list (3). Once your selection has been made, you will have to name this list and assign it a level of confidentiality, favor the “Me only” level in order to remain discreet.

Third-party Tools

Obviously, there are different more or less effective solutions to identify and analyze the competition on Facebook. In order to identify the most influential Facebook pages, Social Baker remains a very good tool. Moreover, these lists are independent of the traditional news feed and therefore you will not be polluted by the publications of other pages, as well as suffer from the capricious algorithm of Facebook.

The advantage of competition suggestions on Facebook is that they are very targeted, offering pages very similar to the one you administer. Communicating on your center means not listing or cataloging your products. It is above all to prove to your visitor that it is your center, your trainers, and the training offered that are the most relevant, the most appropriate to respond to their fears and problems. The person is then reassured, convinced and chooses you, naturally. And the relationship will be even more durable.

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