Our client in the Cameroon Phone Number List industry is an ETI, and by its nature is not intended to put IT in all of its business processes. But he clearly identified the need to centralize the exchanges between him and his distributors, it is the principle of an extranet. The peculiarity is that we set aside the publishers of traditional solutions to work with the G Suite suite of tools from Google, which stands out for its low development and maintenance costs compared to the latter. Put away your hammers … For now Put away your hammers … For now Co-construction: run where others flounder WYSIWYG – What You See Is What You Get.

This acronym describes tools that already show the final appearance during the design phase. We’re used to it: Microsoft Word or PowerPoint documents are great examples. Conversely, an html code in no way reflects the appearance of the web page before generating it. If only for a mock-up, the ability of a tool to display the result live is essential to enrich interactions during exchanges with employees. This is also one of the strengths of Brown Paper, which not only allows everyone to intervene but also to update the document directly. In my opinion, this is one of the strengths of the tools in the Google suite, which are not only

Apps Look Like What Employees Know

collaborative, but also easy to use. If I take my example of a web page, we can have a direct preview of the result when modifying a Google Site. The compromise to be made is that of flexibility: we are provided with a set of basic building blocks and a few configurable elements that are sufficient to cover more than 80% of needs in a fully responsive manner and without any development knowledge. And more importantly: you can adjust the structure of the site live with your interlocutor until they are satisfied with the result. He also already has in front of him the appearance of the final tool which allows him to become familiar with it. 3D


PRINTER A long and painful process for an exact result … lego brick on the shelf … Or a collaborative process, faster while sacrificing a little flexibility? Apps look like what employees know Google Sheet spreadsheets, stored on Google Drive, are cloud- native and identifiable by their unique URL. No more broken references because we changed a directory file, the files can easily communicate with each other and we can work with several people on the same file at the same time, without specific infrastructure (unlike Microsoft’s solution). In terms of the ability to adopt the tool, Google has chosen to break down

The Total Cost Of Ownership Is Insignificant

less than 1000 € / year, ridiculous if we compare to the Budget necessary if we host its servers . However, be careful with the development of scripts, equivalent to Macros, which must be maintained. We are seeing more and more obsolete functions that will no longer be supported, hence the interest in limiting scriptwriting to the bare minimum. We also saw during this project that Google was abandoning a first version of its Sites application for a new version, which implies additional work with no real ROI for those who had an old extranet. License prices increased for the first time in April 2019 (from € 4 -8 to € 5 -10 per basic-pro

license), so we must consider an inflationary effect. Finally, it should be remembered that Facebook and Youtube have offered an attractive platform to their professional users by concentrating respectively news sites and content creators, thus creating dependency, before closing the trap ( new algorithm for Facebook and updating of the monetization on Youtube ). I have no difficulty imagining a similar scenario for companies dependent on G-Suite, even if you have to balance things out and compare the cost to that of other services of similar quality.choice or not? The goal is not to feel guilty if this is not the case, but rather to

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