Convincing your CEO of the impact of influence marketing doesn’t have to be easy. The languages ​​are different, the issues too. As often in the fields of Peru Phone Number List and marketing, it is difficult to show the real impacts, especially since they are sometimes the result of billiards with several cushions. To find out more, I interviewed Stéphane Bouillet of Influence 4 You who has just published a practical book on how to set up his influence program: ” influence marketing for CEOs” .

By cross-checking this data, we therefore get a list of pages that are getting traffic or targeting important keywords, and which have the potential to improve. CQFD. Because they allow you to discover new keyword opportunities to target . If you find that one of your keywords is very popular, it means that you have certainly found a topic that is of great interest to your visitors. You can then optimize this keyword by using it for an Ebook or other more comprehensive content. On the other hand, if you find that a page does not meet the keyword you were targeting, you can still try to optimize it.

Indicators Of Influence Marketing And Its Impact

This book starts from the observation that influencer managers will very often see their boss with huge campaign reach figures, very high engagement rates , while the latter expects an impact on sales, on the preference of brand , etc. There is a gap between the influencer manager and the CEO in terms of language. This book was written to reconcile the two

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It is also aimed both at the CEO to explain what marketing influence is, but above all how to measure the impact on the business, and at the influencer manager to change indicators and ensure that ‘he can really measure the impact of his influencer campaigns. This book was also written to say that influence marketing is a medium that works, but only if you measure it correctly. The question now is how to get this same information now that Google no longer provides these keywords on our Analytics account.

What About B2b Or Complex Selling?

In B2B, we will rather take the purchasing journey and all of the decision makers Buyer’s behavior in B2B: Internet and social networks have changed the behavior of …, and will try to be there on all these “touch points” so that he knows your brand and your offer. We will be able to work with journalists, with, of course, the sales forces, but also with B2B influencers to ask them to generate expert content, and especially that this content be broadcast on social networks.

The difficulty in B2B is to find the right experts. They can be journalists, enthusiasts, freelancers, freelancers who will create content. We are talking in the book of this B2B part which is quite different from the B2C. In producing this glossary, Visionary Marketing has come up against a major problem: f … The impact measurement will be much more diffuse and more difficult to measure, it will go through the pre and post test survey. We measure it not against external customers because the numbers are too low, but rather on sales forces.


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