You may love the product you sell but your customers need to love it too in order to be successful. And from the point of view of your customers, your product may be different. But here’s the good thing – if you know what your customers think of your product, you can use the feedback to Turkey Phone Number improve on what’s missing from you. But how do you gather feedback from your customers? While there are many platforms you can use to gather results, Instagram should be your choice. You may be wondering why Instagram should be your platform to collect customer feedback, here are some statistics for you: If you know about Instagram, you must know the history of Instagram.

Instagram Stories Are a Very Effective Turkey Phone Number

Way and communicate with your audience. And the best part is that you can use stories to gather your customers ’responses as well. Want to know how? Here are five stickers you can use for your story. As the name suggests, a question sticker is a sticker that is used to Turkey Phone Number ask questions to your audience. You can ask any questions and your audience will be given a box where they can enter their feedback and you will be notified each time someone puts an answer in the box. That way, you can easily ask questions about your product and let customers provide answers.

Do You Like This One or This One Turkey Phone Number

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This is the kind of question you can ask your audience by putting together a quiz. With a quiz set, you need to ask questions and give them two options to choose from. When the poll is over, you can check which option your audience likes best. With Sticker Quiz, you can ask a series of Turkey Phone Number questions to your customers through your Instagram story. So you can ask all that allows your customers to choose from a variety of options. The sticker slider is a fun sticker that allows your audience to rate you with emoji tags.

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