At the top of the funnel is the organic traffic coming to your site. The next level down the funnel is narrower, and there are visitors who have interacted with. Your brand in some way (for example, by reading your blog, social media, or adding their email address).. The bottom level of the funnel, and the smallest, includes those people. Who have an interaction with your brand to make a purchase. Convincing someone to give you their email address is much. Easier than convincing someone to buy something because it costs nothing except the ten seconds. It takes to sign up. Once you have someone’s email. You have the opportunity to follow up with them and eventually move them from the middle of your funnel to the bottom where they become customers.

But how do you get traffic down the funnel and convince people to give you their email address? How do you effectively build a relationship with Italy Phone Number them until they want your product and take out your product? your credit cards to pay for it? Let’s dive right in and look at some strategies for building an email list first, then marketing your products effectively. Part 1: How to build your email list 1. Use ads to drive traffic to your landing page The fastest way to start building an email list is to send quality traffic to a landing page. By quality traffic I mean that there have to be people who might be interested in your products. Your marketing budget will be much more effective if you choose carefully who you spend it on.

Build Your Ecommerce Business

For example, Facebook allows you to show ads to people who are considered a target audience. You can choose the age, gender, marital status, location, and interests of your target audience that you want to target your ads to. My online store sells survival knives , so I created a Facebook ad targeting men between the ages of 18-50, located in the United States who have expressed an interest in survival issues. I was able to send traffic to a landing page for around $0.08 per click. The home page offers a weekly newsletter containing survival articles and reviews; About 15% of visitors signed up for the newsletter. After 4 weeks we had at least 1,000+ email subscribers.

It is important to note that sending traffic to your store’s website is not the only option you should consider, you should also consider creating a landing page dedicated to this task, with a clearly defined offer and request form. fairly visible record. A good landing page will be free of distractions and will focus on asking people to enter their email in a specific field to receive a newsletter, downloadable resource, or free course (more on this later). . Here is the landing page I used to build my store knives email list. You can see the actual page here . If you’re interested in adding a landing page like this to your Shopify site, I’ve made a video tutorial showing you how to do it . In addition to Facebook ads, another source of qualified traffic where advertising is paid is Reddit.

Imagine Your Site Traffic as a Big Funnel

Reddit is a popular online community, divided into “subreddits” which are groups focused on different interests. For example, there are subreddits dedicated to talking about survival, e-commerce, gaming, woodworking. And just about any hobby or interest you can think of. Reddit allows you to buy ads that appear on specific subreddits. So you only pay to show ads to people who are interested in your niche. These campaigns start at $5, so it’s super easy and cheap to try it out and send traffic to a signup landing page. Warning: The Reddit community is unique, and you’ll need to be familiar with ” reddiquette ” explore the site and do some research on how to advertise to Reddit users before entering.

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