Google Partners is a marketing program for advertising agencies or third parties that manage. Google Ads accounts on behalf of other brands or companies. Becoming a Google Partner means that your company is recognized for Algeria Phone Number increasing. The effectiveness of However, your campaigns for your customers. Growing your customers by retaining customer campaigns, and visibility. the ability and capability of Google Ads with validation. When your company joins the Google Partners program.Your company can build deeper partnerships as a Google Partner.

As a Google Partner, Your Business Algeria Phone Number

Will gain access to many more benefits, How to check your Google Partner status By verifying your Google Partner status. You can see; your company is either a Google Partner or However, a Premier Partner, and what requirements your company must meet to acquire or retain the brand. You need to Algeria Phone Number have admin login, standard or read-only access to your Google Partners ad manager account. Log in to your Google Ads Account In However, the browser on the left, click the ‘ Partner Programs ‘ tab Find the Badge card. You will see if your company is a Google Partner or a Premier Partner.

To See More Details About the Status Algeria Phone Number

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Click on ‘View Details’ From here, you’ll see the Badge tab, which will show your company status as well as how your company is performing with each of Algeria Phone Number the new Google Partner requirements. Requirements are check daily. Partner status The meaning However, Not a Google Partner Your company is not yet a Google Partner or Premier Partner Google Partner Google Partner is your business. The Badge status card will display your Google Partner logo Premier Partner Your company is a Premier Partner. The Badge status card will display your Premier Partner logo. Requirements to become a Google Partner or Premier Partner There are 3 categories of requirements:

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