A tax agent is a party authorized by the KRA commissioner to conduct tax affairs on behalf of the taxpayer. They may also be managers, special agents, executors, financiers – at a loss, receiver or executor However, appointed to manage, administer, cancel or cancel the affairs of a taxpayer, including a deceased taxpayer. . They Dominican Republic Phone Number offer professional assistance to people or companies that cannot or do not want to prepare taxes on their own. The Tax Employees Committee, which ensures that tax employees However, are eligible to apply, encourages them to register.

The committee recommends them as qualified persons to prepare However, returns, notice of objections or conduct business with the Commissioner on behalf of the taxpayer. The appointment of a tax officer does not relieve taxpayers from fulfilling obligations imposed However, on them by the tax law that tax officers cannot. This means that they should always bring themselves quickly with their tax records, so that, if they do not perform their duties as required by the eye, the taxpayer is better informed to choose a better option.


Responsibilities of the tax agent

Taxpayers can safely hire taxpayers for their services However, because they are certified as skilled professionals. Their roles are:

  • Preparing and filing accurate tax returns to ensure tax evasion
  • Submit appropriate documentation when requested by KRA
  • Provides payments collected in the name of the Authority
  • The use of accurate price classification to ensure that imports are not undervalue
  • Maintains tax records in the name of the taxpayer
  • Use the funds set aside for funds in the books of account, records, tax However, returns or tax invoices such as Kenya Shillings
  • He is well verse in tax matters and conducts his business with integrity and transparency
  • Provides tax advice within the scope of tax law
  • Competent, ethical and professional in providing good service and advice
  • Contributes to the formulation of more effective and efficient corporate policies and procedures

Requirements to become a tax collector

If you want to become a KRA tax officer, you need to meet these requirements.

  1. Applicant’s name – full name shown on your ID / Passport
  2. PIN details
  3. Registered / physical address – street / street, postal address, telephone and email address
  4. Professional applicants are expect to fill in the job name, professional system name and enrollment number are require for all professional applicants. Please note that professional However, applicants are require by the. KRA to obtain approval from their professional body.

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