“I want to increase my number of customers. “. “I’ll go on vacation one day.” ” ” I’m Scotland Email List to get back to sport. ” Have you already set targets without knowing where to start and eventually did not do or work hard to achieve a result without ever see the end ?

The difficulty surely comes from the way you put your problem and this can be solved with SMART goals , an acronym that will make you much more effective in the tasks you want to undertake, whether professionally or personally ! Inbound Marketing therefore proposes to respond to this double problem thanks to a 4-step methodology making it possible to provide, on the appropriate channel, the content that customers need when they need it.

If My Goal Is Too Complex, You Have To Break It Down Into Several Small Goals.

One action, one goal. Example: Suppose I had a goal of getting back to sport, a better way to phrase it would be “I want to start running around the stadium next to my house in order to get my body back in shape” If l ‘we want to transpose the specific objectives to social networks , we could for example set ourselves PAR network objectives. We could thus formulate an objective similar to: “I want to increase the notoriety of my brand on Facebook by giving it a positive image on this network”.

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The objective is to enable them, by practicing , to gain acquired skills, in order to benefit from daily use of the web or to meet a more specific need. The system focuses on women, seniors and the youngest and is structured around 3 workshops, 3 sessions per week from Monday to Friday, which take place in Orange stores .

Achievable (But Ambitious)

However, your goal must remain realistic . If you and your collaborators think it is possible then your goal will be accepted. However, it must still be a challenge so that it is motivating ! Example: Still in my plan to run around the stadium, if I want to cover my 2 km in less than 5 minutes, it seems unlikely and conversely, if I want to do it in less than 20 minutes, maybe my goal does not represent a challenge and will not be motivating. We have to find the right balance.

Some areas that can be studied: the use of social networks , e-reputation , administrative procedures or project management on certain tools… The workshops have also been dematerialized online and in videoconference since 2021. The certification is not recognized, but the candidate obtains a digital pass from the Orange Foundation.

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