Inbound marketing, a method of 15 years ago, is full of pitfalls. Because finally, sales, Inbound marketing andSocial selling Social selling is the use of social networks for business purposes.
are they equivalent? It’s quite the opposite. Beyond this evidence, during a recent Social Selling Forum Festival, Jean-François Messier , President and CEO of Cloud Business School, provided us with a powerful, Reunion Email List and accurate reading of the inbound and social selling landscape taken as a whole and put into the context of the sale – because as he rightly says, the purpose of inbound and social selling are indeed to sell.

At the end of this demonstration, we will see that inbound is not really what you think and that the real recommendation is that you have to adapt the marketing systems to sales and not the other way around. A presentation that I analyze using quotes from the author and taking again – with the kind permission of my friend Loïc Simon – the video of Jean-François’ performance. Its presentation is also made available with the authorization of its author.

How To Avoid The Pitfalls Of Inbound Marketing, A 15-year-old Method

Between sales, inbound marketing and social selling, the definitions are not trivial. Jean-François set the record straight, brilliantly. Return on an essential presentation, which will appear in my annals of the course ofcontent marketing In B2B, explain your vision, work philosophy, market approach, methods and …
word of mouth and social media marketing

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Avoid the pitfalls of inbound marketing by comparing inbound, sales and social selling processes
Every once in a while you come across an illuminating presentation that turns on a little light in your brain and makes you think, “Yes! This is exactly it! “. This is what I said to myself when I heard the presentation of Jean-François Messier at the last Social Selling Forum festival which I attended, and for which I must again congratulate Loic Simon for his enthusiasm, the excellence of its animation and the quality of the content presented there.

Sales, Inbound Marketing Processes And Pitfalls

“Inbound marketing and social selling, two terms often misunderstood, sometimes opposed, rarely integrated, a little confused”, a presentation by Jean-François Messier on Inbound Marketing and Social Selling at the Social Selling Forum Festival on January 27, 2021

According to Jean-François, “ the purpose of inbound and social selling is to sell : Beyond inbound, we must above all talk about sales since ultimately, inbound marketing and social selling are tools that are used to sell . And the end is to sell. What is also very revealing is that when talking about inbound marketing, we generally don’t talk much about sales ”.

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