The Certified Merchant Program helps people on Pinterest find and buy from listed brands. It is a program with special perks for traders who meet specific criteria. As a certified retailer, Pins can appear organic to Cyprus Phone Number people looking for products and shopping on Pinterest. Once approved, verified vendors will receive a blue label on their profile, similar to verified profiles on other social media platforms.


Requirements for applying to the Certified Merchant program

To become a certified merchant, you need to have an active catalog, working tags and complete Pinterest’s Merchant Guidelines.

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a. Link to your catalog

Get all your products on Pinterest by. Once connected, Product Pins will have the final price and product information. At least 50% of your products must be successfully imported in order to qualify for the Certified Merchant Program.

b. Add your Pinterest logo

Measure the impact of Pinterest on your business. Your tag needs to be set to track major conversion events and return high-quality data on shopping-related events. To become a Certified Merchant Programmer, please ensure that:

  • Send your token every time there is a PageVisit, AddToCart or Checkout event
  • Your tag is displayed on at least PageVisit, AddToCart and Checkout every seven days
  • Your Checkout event has a comparable answer to $ parable, with the correct payment code

We recommend using Pinterest and installing JavaScript tags instead of IMG tags. This way, you can see more conversions by following the events on the site when there are no cookies currently available.

d. Meet the Pinterest seller guide

To verify your account, Pinterest makes sure you have a clearly stated policy, don’t see banned products, and aren’t a spammer or dropshipper. You have to meet all Pinterest . Any vendor who does not have a working catalog or working tag will have 30 days to respond to the requirements before being remove from the program. Those who do not meet the guidelines will be remove immediately.

Reasons for suspending the Certified Merchant Program

There are two main reasons to stop VMP: problems with catalog insertion and invalid tags. If your catalog is not upload properly or your tags are not working properly, you will be notified at the business level as well as by email. Once notified, you will have 30 days to update your catalog or tag. If your catalog or tag does not remain within 30 days, you may be suspend from the program. If you resolve the issue after your suspension, you will re -join the program.

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